Target audience & objectives

Target audience

School and pre-school teachers, adult educators, art mediators, artists and other cultural workers


The course participants

  • will gain practical knowledge about how to make artistic projects work in the school environment; support and skills for initiating, developing and realising their own projects in a multi-professional team.
  • are invited to discuss and explore the special opportunities arising from collaboration with professionals from the art and cultural fields and cooperation with cultural institutions.
  • will deepen their own experiences and knowledge in relation to artistic projects in the school environment through practical exercises.
  • will learn new methods and tools for initiating and enhancing the capability and self-efficacy of children and young adults within artistic processes.
  • will analyze personality-strengthening factors, develop new criteria and work out new procedures for providing feedback to promote skills and key competences of children and adolescents outside the grading systems.

After completing the course, the participants will be able to

  • analyze and define the concepts of cultural education, outreach work and artistic projects.
  • establish a network with experts in art and cultural fields for initiating and realizing an artistic project with school staff.
  • create an awareness for artistic processes and projects on a regional, national and European / international level within the educational environment.
  • evaluate efficacy, reflect on themselves, analyze their own attitude, create space for alternative forms of knowledge transfer and generate new criteria for quality.