Draft programme

The five-day training course “Meeting Cultural Education” runs daily from 09:00 – 16:30 with coffee break at 11:00 and lunch at 13:00 h. The training course is based on the following six modules:

  1. Artistic processes (how to initiate, enable and support them in the classroom and museum).
  2. Documentation formats (development of new experimental and artistic documentation formats, which mediate the findings in different artistic media).
  3. Reflection and feedback (how self-, group- and participant-reflection can be achieved, how we can reflect ourselves beyond hierarchy and using artistic methods).
  4. Contemporary trends and zeitgeist in the field of arts education and mediation / * Mittlung (how to involve contemporary professional methods and contents).
  5. Project management (how to coordinate and plan; how to deal with the differing logics of school system versus cultural system / arts system).
  6. Practical project (how to cooperate; what phases does a project have? Participants develop a concept / mock-up in multidisciplinary exchange using different artistic techniques such as creative writing, sculpture, installation, composition).

Reflecting the themes of the 10th Berlin Biennale, the modules will include a sensitivity training addressing positions, perspectives and social constellations – without focussing on “differences” or addressing “target groups”. How can new narratives – created through the dialogue with the exhibition and the art works – create a different vocabulary for a new understanding and meaning of the world and open up new perspectives?